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Mark Medoff served as a dedicated educator, mentor, and discoverer of new and emerging talent throughout his lifetime. He taught at New Mexico State University beginning in 1966, where he most recently acted as the Senior Fellow/Distinguished Achievement Professor of the University's
Creative Media Institute.

His distinguished University residencies included the University of Houston, Florida State University, University of Colorado, North Lake Community College,  Cosumnes Community College, University of Oklahoma, University of Washington, UCLA, Portland State University, Trinity University, 
Sacramento State University, Casper College, North Lake College, Michigan State University, University of New Mexico,
University of Arizona, and Sul Ross University.

The Mark Medoff Papers are housed in the archives library of New Mexico State University.






Award-winning playwright still teaching after 50 years

“I’ve just started my 51st year at NMSU and in Las Cruces. As a young English instructor, I broke out in sweats before each of my classes every day for the first few months: part excitement that I was responsible for facilitating the education of several hundred students a year and part terror that one of those 18-year-olds or returning Vietnam vets would realize I was a poseur who really didn’t know much about anything.”




Medoff Joins the University of Houston Faculty


The University of Houston announced Mark Medoff as the Distinguished Professor of Playwriting in September of 2007. Medoff held the position for six years, resigning in May of 2013.




Medoff Begins Residency at Florida State

Mark Medoff was named the Reynolds Eminent Scholar at Florida State University of September of 2003. He served the position for three academic seasons, ending his tenure in May 2006.




In Praise of Teachers

"Though I am in my 21st year as a professor at New Mexico State University, I wonder if I've stopped thinking of myself as a teacher. Don't I lament to my wife Stephanie that the more productive I become as a writer, the less time I have for communicating whatever it is that has impelled students to try to learn from me?"




Medoff Receives Honorary Doctorate from Gallaudet University


Mark Medoff received an Honorary Doctorate from Gallaudet University, a Washington-based school for the deaf and hearing-impaired. Medoff first met actress Phyllis Frelich during a theater workshop at the University. They would later collaborate and Frelich would star in Medoff's most well-recognized play, Children of a Lesser God.




Tenure Begins at New Mexico State University

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Mark Medoff began his tenure as Professor of English at New Mexico State University in September of 1966. His tenure would continue for over 50 years, transitioning to Professor of Theatre Arts from 1978 - 1992, Dramatist in Residence from 1992 - 2006, and finally to Senior Fellow/Distinguished Achievement Professor, Creative Media Institute. 




Medoff Receives MA Degree from Stanford


Mark Medoff graduated from Stanford Univeristy at the age of 26 with a Masters Degree in English.




Medoff Receives BA Degree from University of Miami


Mark Medoff received the Bachelor of Arts degree from the Univeristy of Miami in May of 1962. He studied under Dr. Robert Hively